Container Closure Integrity Testing Of Medical Devices

Source: Advanced Test Concepts (ATC Inc.)

Container Closure Integrity Testing Of Medical Devices

Unlike pressure decay, we offer a faster and higher sensitivity test as well as direct measurements that are not volume sensitive, allowing for less set up, no frequent calibration required, less qualification, and therefore, a more robust operation.

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Medical Device Leak Testing

  • Drug delivery devices and pumps leak test
  • Disposable Lumen catheters – various types leak and constriction (blockage) testing
  • Balloon Catheters (without stent) leak testing
  • Balloon Catheters (with stent) leak testing
  • Leads leak testing
  • Implanted cardiac devices (pacemakers, defibrillators, components) leak testing
  • Electronic controls – water ingress protection (IP) leak testing
  • Disposable and implanted valves leak and flow  testing
  • Oxygen delivery components and systems leak and flow testing
  • Diagnostic and support equipment leak testing

Medical Device Package Leak Testing

  • Pouches Container Closure Integrity Test Systems
  • Tyvek® Lidded Trays – Porous Package Leak Test Equipment
  • Non-Porous trays and packages Container Closure Integrity Testing

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Advanced Test Concepts (ATC Inc.)