Container Performance


The physico-chemical properties of the materials have a strong impact on the performance of the entire container system. Container performance analysis embraces a diverse range of investigative fields, such as material, chemical, physical, mechanical engineering. Accurately testing the container performance (product/use-dependent) maximizes drug efficacy as well as device reliability and performance.

Our experts can assist you with selecting the right components, optimizing your device to improve performance with an existing container, compendial testing, as well as support in method development and validation of non-standard testing.

Capabilities and testing

  • Visible and Sub-Visible Particles Counting and Characterization
  • Break Loose-Gliding and Extrusion Force Testing
  • Torque Force Testing (luer lock closures, caps etc.)
  • Pull out Force Testing (Needles, Tip Caps, Needle Shields etc.)
  • Compression Testing
  • Breakage resistance testing (cone, flange, vertical and horizontal
  • Burst test
  • Tribology Testing
  • Container Closure Integrity and Leakage testing
  • Deliverable and dead volume
  • Fractography and Failure Root Cause Investigation
  • Coring and Fragmentation testing
  • Stability and Stress Test
  • Customized Functional Testing (Product-Dependent)
  • Process mapping

Analytical techniques:

  • Liquid Viewer
  • Light Obscuration
  • Micro Flow Imaging
  • Dynamic Light Scattering
  • Dynamometers: Gliding force/ Compression/Breakage resistance/Leakage testing/Torque force/Residual Seal force
  • Optical Microscopes (Light, Stereo and DIC Microscopy): Surface and Material Imaging
  • Nitrogen gas tracer AMI integrity test system
  • Vacuum decay
  • Dye Ingress methods

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