Counterpressure Sterilizers

Source: Fedegari Group

In these autoclaves water is re-circulated in a closet-loop and sprayed on the load for sterilizing prenatal solutions in the most efficient way.

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The technology of moist-heat sterilization in counterpressure has been deve¬loped specifically for the terminal treatment of solutions in sealed containers.

Its primary aim is to "neutralize" the effects of the overpressure which unavoidably forms inside containers when they are sterilized using con¬ventional saturated-steam autoclaves.
This overpressure tends to make glass containers explode and to lift their stoppers, irreversibly deforms flexible or rigid plastic containers, expels the plungers of prefilled-syringes, etc.
The collateral but not at all secondary aim is to perform load cooling with a sterile fluid, either water or air, thus complying with the CGMP of the FDA for LVP.
Counterpressure autoclaves currently in use belong to two types:

  • superheated water spray autoclaves
  • steam + air mixture autoclaves

To a certain extent, the two types are complementary and Fedegari has built both for several years. They are also presented together in this brochure, highlighting also the advantages of the two types.

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