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10.27.20 -- COVID-19 Vaccine Manufacturing Challenges Spark Surge In Outsourcing Deals

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Global Air Cargo Trends Reshaping Pharmaceutical Transport

As we welcome the new decade and the exciting advances it is expected to unleash, many of the forces that shaped the past decade for transporting pharmaceuticals will continue. Price pressures, alternatives to air freight, and increasing automation are just a few. However, there are emerging trends that make 2020 unique. As we look forward, these are the air cargo trends expected to shape the transport of pharmaceuticals in 2020 and beyond.

Applying The Four Dimensions Of Sustainability To Create Capacity That Delivers Results Faster

There are no shortcuts to growing capacity that delivers results faster, and maintaining it is difficult. The key ingredient in growing enterprise value is sustainability. Learn how, by applying the principle of sustainability using its four dimensions, finite resources are more wisely used with extraordinary results, lead time from concept to commercialization is greatly improved, and patients receive better medications faster.

Process Characterization And Validation For Biologics Processes

Using a risk-based approach to generate an appropriate control strategy will help ensure your product meets characterization and validation requirements, enabling timely approval and launch to market.

Enabling Lyophilization Scale-Up From Formulation To Full Commercial Production

Biologics drugs have shown great promise in curing many life-changing diseases, even some that were once thought incurable. However, due to the sensitive nature of biological material, it requires specialized development and manufacturing processes. Stabilization by lyophilization is attractive to retain the product’s biological activity, structural integrity, and homogenous quality, all of which are crucial to the success of the product. This white paper describes the challenges associated with lyophilization of biologics drug products.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Leverages Data And Analytics To Support New Continuous Drug Manufacturing Processes

This pharmaceutical manufacturer’s goal was to minimize the traditional scale-up challenges when moving from pilot production to commercial manufacturing. Read how they are utilizing the OSIsoft PI System data infrastructure and piloting Seeq’s analytics to optimize its product and processes to support continuous manufacturing.

Seamless Operational Data Migration: A Genentech Story

Genentech’s transition of 20+ years’ worth of data from a legacy historian to OSIsoft’s PI Historian resulted in greater system stability and improved user access.

How Can You Reduce Timelines From Gene To IND Without Increased Risk?

Moving too quickly can open your drug development program up to many risks, making it critical to achieve the optimal program profile for a seamless transition from gene to IND and beyond.

Cost Savings And Speed: The Untapped Value Of A Single-Source Solution

Small and emerging companies face significant challenges in today’s market. This calls for an alternative solution to help them achieve success.

An Introduction To Product Inspection And Tracking Solutions For The Cannabis Industry

As the cannabis market grows, so does regulatory agency cannabis tracking requirements. Let's look at some of the cannabis hardware and software packaging solutions that provide increased profitability and reporting accuracy.

Leverage The Internet Of Things (IoT) Within The Laboratory

As science-based organizations look to leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) within the laboratory, careful consideration must be given to available technologies, data formats, and platforms. 

Dual-Lane Checkweigher Provides High-Throughput Tube Line Automation Inspection

Teligent produces a diverse range of generic prescription topical and injectable pharmaceuticals. To automate inspection on their high-throughput tube line, they turned to a checkweigher with a two-lane configuration that matches their dual-lane filler.

Build Or Buy Challenge: 6 Advantages Of Using A Prequalified Fully Customizable GMP Environment

p An alternative solution to the build or buy decision is the use of readily available, prequalified GMP facilities that can be fully tailored to suit individual needs and budgets.

Harnessing The Power Of Biopharma Research And Development Data

Is your company ready to take full advantage of the data you generate to compete in the global digital economy? Are your laboratories able to efficiently generate high-quality data and easily store, manage, and process that data? Can your scientists easily communicate and collaborate with partners around the globe? Many companies, unfortunately, are still operating with legacy data management systems that bog down their efforts at innovation; some even still capture data on paper. Read on to explore some of the challenges and opportunities of transforming your lab into a truly digital lab of the future.

Perfusion Medium Considerations Cell Culture
There are many factors to consider when choosing a perfusion medium. Two such factors are ease of use and cost-effective performance. This ebook explores how to choose a perfusion medium and shares case study examples of N-1 perfusion for accelerating the seed train and concentrated fed-batch processes for increasing productivity.
VIA Capsule™ System: Liquid Nitrogen-Free Shipping For Cell Therapy Logistics

Realize a more controlled, assured, and patient-focused way of shipping cell and gene therapies with the VIA Capsule System. Easily charge this liquid nitrogen-free system using electricity. Securely load the cell therapy using your defined process, and capture records digitally. Integrate activities across the manufacturer, courier, and clinic while maintaining an electronic record of the shipment conditions, location, chain of custody, and identity. If needed, use the shipper for temporary cryogenic storage. When the patient is ready, wheel the shipper in.

Aseptic Filling Of Dry Powder And Liquid In Dual Chamber Syringes

The trend toward prefilled disposable syringes, whether of the single- or dual-chamber type, is increasing. This webcast concentrates on the aseptic pharmaceutical packaging process challenges that need to be addressed in the final filling process of dual-chamber syringes, where both liquid and powdery substances are mixed by the patient immediately prior to injection. This practice shows clear advantages as it can eliminate preservative needs while enabling longer shelf lives.


Tuesday, November 3, 2020 | 10:00 a.m. EDT

Poly(lactide-co-glycolide) (PLG) parenteral excipients have been used for many decades with extended release microparticle, nanoparticle, implant, and in-situ forming drug products due to their excellent bioabsorption and biocompatibility characteristics, and their long safety record. This webinar will give an overview of key PLG properties relevant to drug delivery formulations including tunability.

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