News | May 16, 2016

Dale Natoli Bestowed Honorary Degree - Doctor Of Science From Long Island University

Preceding the commencement ceremonies for the Long Island University Pharmacy graduating class of 2016 held on May 12 at the Arnold and Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, was the honorary degree presentation ceremony in which Natoli Engineering’s President, Dale Natoli, was bestowed an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Science. A rare distinction in the field of Industrial Pharmacy.

As president of Natoli Engineering, which began operations in 1973 and has long been recognized as the global leader in tablet compression tooling manufacturing, Mr. Natoli has not only made groundbreaking strides in the advancement of pharmaceutical tablet manufacturing but also in the scientific study of tablet formulation research studies through the establishment of Natoli Scientific and the Natoli Institute at Long Island University.

As the ceremony began, Mr. Natoli stood center stage in cap and gown as LIU Vice President Gale Stevens Haynes noted to the commencement crowd of new graduates, family members and VIPs, “Dale Natoli has distinguished himself not only through his business leadership, but through his commitment to advancing the pharmaceutical industry’s body of knowledge.”

His establishment, Mrs. Haynes continued, of the innovative Natoli Institute of Advance Pharmacy Research and Development at Long Island University Pharmacy, has created key partnerships with leading industrial scientists and academia studies to conduct research “that will impact the entire industry.”

The Natoli Institute provides an environment for students to learn industrial pharmacy unit operations for solid oral dosage forms, features dispensing, formulation, compression and coating suites, as well as traditional solid dosage formulation equipment and the advanced technology to measure the physical and chemical properties of tablets.

Mr. Natoli has authored numerous articles and book chapters in leading industry publications spotlighting a variety of key industry topics, including for the Encyclopedia of Pharmaceutical Technology and his often referenced “Tooling for Pharmaceutical Processing” opening chapter for Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms: Tablets.

Source: Natoli Engineering Company, Inc.

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