Newsletter | September 24, 2022

09.24.22 -- Deliver Direct Measurement Of PQAs And Cell Culture Media Characteristics

Automating Rapid High-Throughput LC-MS mAb Subunit Screening Of Microbioreactor Cell Culture Samples

High-throughput analytical platforms for the monitoring of proteins produced at the clone selection stage and during process development have been increasingly in demand. We present a fully automated workflow for sample preparation and LC-MS analysis of mAbs obtained directly from complex samples such as spent cell culture media including host cell protein.

Direct LC-MS Characterization Of Glycoform Distribution And Low Molecular Weight Impurities In mAb Process From Ambr® 15 Bioreactors

Here, we demonstrate a streamlined and robust mAb product monitoring method that is high throughput capable and has the potential to be a fully automated platform for mid-process intraday monitoring of CQAs. Results suggest monitoring of product quality attributes throughout the culture may reveal optimum process parameters and feed strategies that yield higher product purities and tailored glycan distributions.

In-Process Media Monitoring Using LC-MS And Automated High Throughput Microbioreactor Systems

Routine comprehensive monitoring of raw media, feed, supplements, and spent cell culture media could provide additional information about cell culture performance during clone selection and process optimization. Explore a comprehensive LC-MS methodology, workflow, and batch analysis software that allows engineers to quickly and easily run and process large number of samples and gain insight during bioprocess development.

Solving Problems That Matter In Bioprocessing

With better analytical technologies, Waters and Sartorius are speeding the development process to bring new medicines and therapies to cancer patients faster and with fewer side effects.

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Take Control Of Your Bioprocess Development — Make Decisions Faster With Your Own Quality Data

Improve your clone selection and bioprocess development to maximize drug product quality, yield and manufacturing efficiency. The BioAccord™ LC-MS System with dedicated workflows for the Sartorius Ambr® 15 and small bioreactors enables process engineers to directly measure product quality attributes (PQAs) and cell culture media.

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