Newsletter | January 13, 2020

01.13.20 -- Discovering Novel Analytical Techniques For Monoclonal Antibodies

Novel Analytical Techniques For Monoclonal Antibodies

With the rising interest in biopharmaceuticals, drug developers need to quickly understand and evaluate the binding of therapeutic antibodies to Fc receptors. Learn how a new analytical testing panel that uses an Octet-based Fc receptor panel may help developers achieve a faster assessment of monoclonal antibody functionality — well before the final molecule is selected.

Comparing Continuous And Batch Processing In Downstream Purification
Current continuous manufacturing technologies are being developed and implemented to manufacture a wide variety of products including monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins, and other biological modalities. Though upstream fed-batch and perfusion bioreactor unit processes are relatively mature, downstream process unit operations are less mature. In this case study, the productivity of purifications running in batch versus continuous mode are compared.
Study: One Novel Purification Tool And Its Effects On Host Cell Protein Reduction And Turbidity In Low Isoelectric Point Target Proteins

The 3M Emphaze AEX Hybrid Purifier is a novel purification tool that utilizes a Q-functional hydrogel and 0.2 µm membrane to reduce impurities in a biopharmaceutical downstream process. This study involved a design of experiment (DoE) approach to investigate the effects of pH and conductivity on the turbidity, yield, and impurity clearance of the Emphaze AEX Hybrid Purifier and the efficiency of the subsequent protein capture step.

Evolution Of Flexible Commercial Biologics Manufacturing

Biopharma industry is continuously evolving and needs new bio-processing technologies to reduce cost, increase efficiency, improve pipeline, and get to market faster. Are you achieving optimal flexibility in your biologics development and manufacturing by effectively leveraging the most advanced technologies?