Newsletter | September 28, 2022

09.28.22 -- Enhance Your Adherent Cell Culture Processes With Ready-To-Use, High-Quality Solutions

Optimized Cell Culture From The Bench And Beyond

An ongoing demand for novel biopharmaceuticals, the increasing complexity of the production of biologics, and a need for larger production capacity are all factors that have applied pressure to the cell culture process and its associated technologies. Read this case study to learn how single-use solutions support the commercialization of research efforts from the bench and beyond.

How Product Design Influences Extractable Profiles

Biopharmaceutical manufacturers have an obligation to ensure the safety and efficacy of the products they produce. This requirement drives the selection of products and materials used in manufacturing operations and defines the necessary risk assessment of those materials. Read this technical note to learn more about the Nunc Cell Factory System extractable profiles.

Thermo Scientific Nunc Standard Closed Cell Factory System

Watch this video to learn how to advance your cell culture manufacturing processes with the Nunc Standard Closed Cell Factory System.

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How To Fill And Empty Nunc Standard Cell Factory System

This video provides step-by-step how-to instructions to fill and empty the Nunc Standard Cell Factory System.

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Automate Your Cell Culture Processes During Scale-Up

Maximize productivity with Thermo Scientific Nunc Cell Factory equipment to deliver quick and easy scale-up using Nunc Cell Factory systems. This portfolio to equipment automates filling, emptying, harvesting, and trypsinization steps of adherent cell culture.

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