Newsletter | November 2, 2020

11.02.20 -- Enhancing Cell Culture Media Supplements And Services

How Can Peptones Enhance My Cell Culture Performance?

Peptones manufactured to meet stringent quality standards and raw sourcing policies can be used to quickly optimize media and feeds, helping to achieve high cell growth and titers with minimal resources. They may be added to a base medium or used as a feed, either individually or in combination with other feeds. Learn how to select and add the right peptone for your process, helping you to achieve production goals while reducing time-to-market.

Using A Diverse Media Panel To Reduce Timelines And Increase Productivity

Selecting the optimal media for a specific cell line’s growth can be a challenging task. This on-demand webinar reviews best practices using a “media panel” testing approach, including the importance of diversity, how to set up your experiment, and using media analytics to optimize your process.

Getting More From Less: Maximizing Bioreactor Working Volume With Reduced Feed Volume

The challenge of achieving higher titers in the same bioreactor space usually means compromise. One answer may be new super-concentrated nutrients. But can they achieve desired results without sacrifice? Read about options to reduce feed volume and product dilution that show additional benefits including decreased contamination risk. Check out a summary, including results of a head-to-head product comparison.

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