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06.21.22 -- Equipment Sourcing Strategies For CMOs

Equipment Sourcing Strategies For CMOs

Using a contract or toll manufacturer in the specialty and custom chemical industry can be viewed as a quality and supply chain risk. Learn what equipment sourcing strategies can be used to effectively reduce costs and risks to outsourced manufacturing for the product-owner or sponsor.

Your Pharmaceutical Capital Equipment Project Is Cancelled — Now What?

Late-stage clinical trial failures usually result in exposure regarding capital equipment purchased to manufacture that product at a commercial scale. The equipment, both delivered and undelivered, needs to go somewhere. Here is what you should consider when you need to dispose of equipment from cancelled capital improvement projects.

Key Considerations For Strategic Equipment Acquisitions

One of the most critical decisions for a pharmaceutical company is the choice to outsource operations, which leads to determining the optimal supplier with which to partner. When choosing an organization, a company must prioritize risk minimization and choose a dependable supplier with a strong track record.

Common Challenges And Solutions Of Equipment Ownership And Use

There are many considerations when tasked with acquiring the equipment needed to run a pharma facility, including up-front costs and minimizing overhead to increase profits margins. Read how state-of-the-art used equipment can be a great strategy for cost savings for businesses.

Generics Manufacturing And Changing Equipment Needs

The development of new generic products redistributes the manufacture of a given drug from a single to multiple companies, with corresponding shifts in the deployment of relevant equipment assets. Procuring machinery from a trusted used equipment dealer serves as a way to guarantee reliable equipment from leading OEMs at a reduced price and lead time.

Equipment Investment-Recovery Strategies For Drug Manufacturers

Pharma manufacturers are under pressure to increase the cost-efficiency of their manufacturing operations and extend the service life of their processing equipment. Equipment investment-recovery strategies that include a well-planned and executed redeployment process and the right partners can add flexibility and extend asset utilization.

Used 300 Sq Ft BOC Edwards Freeze Dryer, Model Lyomax 28

Used 300 sq ft BOC Edward freeze dryer, model LYOMAX 28, 316L stainless-steel product contact surfaces with (13) 1170 mm wide x 1850 mm deep usable shelves, 115 mm shelf spacing, stoppering, external condenser with 300 kg ice capacity, refrigeration and vacuum skid with liquid natural gas refrigeration, model AV-LUS BOC Edwards loading/unloading skid, 480 volt with controls, freeze dryer serial# MTE1930, built 2004.

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Used IMA Prexima 300 Tablet Press

PREXIMA 300 is a single-sided rotary tablet press for the compression of powder blends obtained by wet or dry granulation or by simple mixing. On the basis of the dimensions of the tablets to be produced, the machine can be fitted with different interchangeable turrets, with a different number of stations.

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