From The Editor | February 26, 2014

7 Essential Steps To Hiring A Pharmaceutical Consultant

Source: Clinical Leader

By Ed Miseta, Chief Editor, Clinical Leader
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In preparation for the spring 2014 hiring season, The CECON Group has recently developed guidelines for choosing the best consultant for a project. Selecting and managing a technical consultant can be a challenge, especially if the subject matter is well outside of the hiring manager’s field of expertise. In the pharmaceutical industry, consultants can help companies of any size to deal with various aspects of drug development, including the selection of suppliers and outsourcing partners.  

However, when selecting the ideal consultant to help you through any project, there are several factors that must be considered BEFORE beginning your search. Integrating these factors into your selection process will help to ensure that you end up with a consultant that understands your goals and needs, and will contribute the most towards making your project a success. Michael C. Fisher, president of The CECON Group, shared seven steps that must be considered when hiring a consultant, to ensure the success of your project.