White Paper

4 Factors To Consider For Effective Cleanroom Design

Source: AES Clean Technology, Inc.

By Rick Dobson, AES Clean Technology

What questions, as a potential buyer, do you need to ask to ensure your performance specification will be met?

You have been tasked by senior management to look into purchasing a cleanroom environment for a possible new product line. The mandate is that the cleanroom system provider must guarantee temperature, humidity, pressurization, and classification. As with any purchase, it is always best to be an educated buyer and have researched the options available to you. Knowing what questions to ask and what the cumulative effect is to those answers will make for a sound decision process and an overall successful project.

As a cleanroom buyer, the first question should be “what information, as the owner, will I need to provide the cleanroom contractor to ensure compliance with my cleanroom requirements and to get a performance guarantee?” And remember a guarantee implies meeting specific documented standards — data provided by you. The more specific you can be with your design criteria information the better. This does not mean that you have to do the detailed design but rather you are providing the benchmark requirements that need to be achieved in the design and that will eventually become part of the contract documents.