Newsletter | November 12, 2020

11.12.20 -- Features And Benefits Of High-Performance S.U.B.s

Next-Generation Single-Use Bioreactors Deliver Performance And Usability

Thermo Scientific HyPerforma DynaDrive Single-Use Bioreactor (S.U.B.) is the latest innovation in a long line of Thermo Scientific S.U.B.s for suspension cell culture. In particular, the DynaDrive S.U.B. has an ergonomic cubical design, an innovative and efficient mixing system, and has been designed from top to bottom for modern cell culture processes. See how these features help enable optimal cell culture performance.

Updating The Economics Of Biologics Manufacturing With 5,000-L Single-Use Bioreactors: A Paradigm Shift

Single-use technologies enable a flexibility and modularity effectively unattainable with more traditional stainless-steel technologies, particularly in upstream bioprocesses. With the typical upper limit of single-use bioreactors at 2,000 L, the scale-up of products that reach commercial maturity has traditionally meant transfer to stainless-steel systems. The introduction of the Thermo Scientific HyPerforma DynaDrive 5,000 L bioreactor opens a new paradigm of operation in terms of volume.

Introducing The Enhanced And DynaDrive S.U.B.s: Meeting The Demands Of Intensifying Upstream In Single-Use

Simple yet effective enhancements to the Thermo Scientific HyPerforma S.U.B.s (single-use bioreactors) allow better mass transfer and mixing needs of intensifying processes at the 50 to 500 L scale, while the DynaDrive S.U.B. was developed to exceed upstream process needs and support scale-up performance up to 5,000 L working volumes.

S.U.B. Enhancements For High-Density Perfusion Cultures

Strategic enhancements to mixing and gassing in 50 to 500 L Thermo Scientific HyPerforma single-use bioreactors (S.U.B.s) led to three- to four-fold increases in oxygen mass transfer, performance that supports ultrahigh demand cultures such as those seen in perfusion bioprocesses.