News | February 9, 2010

FIP's Industrial Pharmacy Section Creates Expert Group To Study Tablet Tooling And Sticking


The Industrial Pharmacy Section (IPS) Expert Group created at the International Congress of the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) is actively searching for contributors who currently have or have experienced tablet tooling and sticking issues.

The new IPS Expert Group, created at the 69th International Congress of FIP in Istanbul, Turkey, by Dr. Tom Sam (Schering-Plough), Dr. Gabriele Betz (Industrial Pharmacy Lab, Univ. of Basel), and Mr. Dale Natoli (Natoli Engineering Company), is actively searching for companies interested in contributing to the IPS Expert Group's latest study, Tablet Tooling and Sticking.

With an ever increasing demand for higher manufacturing speeds, tablet quality and direct compression formulas, the issue of sticking is inherently becoming more and more common. The IPS Expert Group is actively seeking companies that have experienced and solved or are currently experiencing such production issues. For a resolution other than just slowing compaction speeds or adjusting tooling, the IPS Expert Group is committed to researching sticking causes and solutions.

"Granulation sticking to tablet compression tooling and other contact surfaces is one of the biggest obstacles in tablet compression today," says Dale Natoli, a co-founder of the IPS Expert Group. "With the need to increase manufacturing efficiencies while maintaining tablet quality, pharmaceutical companies are favoring direct compression formulas, which contribute to the sticking issues. The industry needs a source to reference when it encounters such issues. The IPS Expert Group is committed to providing such a valuable reference."

SOURCE: Natoli Engineering Company, Inc.

Natoli Engineering Company, Inc.