Newsletter | November 16, 2023

11.16.23 -- Getting More From Your Chromatography Processes

Optimizing Chromatography Media In Bioprocessing

Optimize your media for chromatography and take steps to expand your biologics processes. Learn about the benefits of technological integrations, such as advanced slurry preparation systems, and how they can improve consistency, yield, and purity.

Control Of A Binary Blend Feeding A Liquid Chromatography Process - Part 1

Liquid chromatography processes require the blending of constituents to create mobile phase solutions, and inline blending using control valves with equal percentage trim is a more efficient approach than pre-blending. Learn about the distinct roles two control valves play in making this method effective.

Full Control: Binary Blend Feeding A Liquid Chromatography Process - Part 2

In liquid chromatography processes, the need for precise control of constituent blending continues with a focus on managing incoming process pressures to ensure reliable and repeatable operation. To address this challenge, booster modules are introduced in front of each control valve, providing consistent and specific pressure.

Swifter, Safer DAC Column Turnover

Improve your routine column maintenance with a solid stainless-steel dynamic axial compression (DAC) column. This system can address your needs with innovative ways to unpack and perform maintenance on the column while keeping the simple operations of the standard column intact; it also features an improved bottom plate design.


SLURIPREP Media Management Solutions

Efficient and reliable slurry preparation is a key component for successful purification processes. The SLURIPREP line of media management products simplifies your resin preparation and packing, specifically designed for DAC LC Columns. Our comprehensive range of accessories ensures that your column operation is seamless, efficient, and optimized for high productivity.

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