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01.14.22 -- How The EU's Biopharma Industry Can Deliver More With IDMP Data Standards

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Increasing Transparency And Confidence Through Real-Time Data Sharing

A digital transformation of biomanufacturing offers a new path for continuous monitoring and optimization of process performance, which would ultimately lead to greater efficiency in drug production.

Modified-Release Oral Solid Dosage Technologies

Modified-release dosage forms enhance the safety, efficacy, reliability, and convenience of drug therapy by controlling the rate and duration of drug release to control drug actions and to reduce the frequency of drug administration, thus encouraging patient compliance.

GxP Facilities Compliance: Six Questions To Ask

Regulatory expectations are constantly evolving, requiring vigilance to ensure that facilities’ practices anticipate best practices and trends. Here are the key questions to ask to learn whether your facility’s compliance practices are ready for today’s challenges.

Achieving Large-Scale Ophthalmic Production

Ophthalmic treatments require a manufacturing partner with the expertise, quality assurance practices, and modern equipment necessary to ensure a safe, effective drug product.

Modern Containment Solutions In OSD Processes

There’s a changing landscape in the containment world for oral solid dose (OSD) processing. We now have very short-range production planning, and we see smaller batch sizes and more changeover, which require greater levels of efficacy, efficiency, and speed. In this paper we consider the pros and cons between a hard-wall system and a flexible-wall containment system.

Mixing Selection Considerations For Pharmaceutical Tablet Coating Operations

There are various types of pharmaceutical tablet coatings, including traditional sugar-based coatings, film coatings, and enteric coatings. Whichever type of coating you're manufacturing, a Silverson high-shear mixer will give you a uniform, consistent mix overcoming common processing problems such as flecking caused by uneven dispersion of colorant.

Curing Your Complex Oral Solid Dose Challenges

Oral solid dose (OSD) experts Amy Trotch and Kieran Coffey offer insight into OSD coating techniques and technologies and how to effectively scale and transfer them for commercial manufacturing.

How Does Media Selection Impact Performance Testing Of Poorly Soluble Drugs?

Lonza Biologics recently presented a webinar on the design of dissolution media to support biopredictive dissolution testing, which enables the development of bioavailability-enhancing formulations for poorly soluble drugs.

Intensified, Improved Fed-Batch Production Process

The method described here allows you to intensify your fed-batch process through reduced production duration without affecting the growth or titer profile.

Pharma Manufacturing’s Digital Journey

The implementation of technologies and practices that improve efficiency, speed, and adaptability gives enterprises an edge while elevating the entire pharmaceutical industry. In this paper we detail the approaches pharma companies are taking to ensure long-term relevance in the value chain.

Capture OTC Market Share For Geriatric And Pediatric Patients

This webinar discusses how the unique properties of gelatin have been used to develop chewable softgel formulations for the pediatric and geriatric patient populations. 

Overcoming Difficult Cleaning Residues In Life Sciences

An introduction to general cleaning concepts including detergent selections and chemistry in life sciences, COVID-19, cannabis cleaning, RNA and DNA cleaning, and more.

How Suppliers And Biomanufacturers Can Collaborate On Knowledge Transfer And Training

A case study on how Pall Corporation and Lonza successfully worked together to create an effective training program.

Accelerating Delivery In The Next Stage Of The COVID-19 Battle

What does pressure to address critical challenges of speed, scale, and supply mean for technologies enabling production, and how does it impact the future of vaccine and biotherapeutic manufacturing?

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