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06.20.12 -- How To Avoid Life Sciences Partnership Pitfalls

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How To Avoid Life Sciences Partnership Pitfalls
By Wayne Koberstein, contributing editor
Part one of this feature contains the first five of the top 10 partnership pitfalls. Some of the "best practices" offered may seem obvious but are often overlooked in practice. Experts with a range of small- and large-company experience, as well as supporting backgrounds in partnering, contributed suggestions, observations, and advice.
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Strategic Partnering For Innovation
By Kate Hammeke, research manager, Nice Insight

Nice Insight's pharmaceutical and biotechnology outsourcing survey, 10% indicated that innovativeness was the most important attribute when selecting a CRO or CMO. Read more.

Preformulation Reduces The Risk Of Drug Failure
By Cindy Dubin, contributing editor

By having formulators interact with discovery organizations at an earlier stage, the benefits of formulation and drug delivery technologies are being realized earlier. Read more.

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CGMP Radiosynthesis: Will Your CRO Be There When It Counts?

CGMP Radiosynthesis: Will Your CRO Be There When It Counts?

Expert 14C radiolabeling for human clinical programs requires extensive training and experience. Having supported radiolabeled studies for more than 10 years, ABC Laboratories was one of the first to synthesize 14C-labeled API and formulate to prepare drug product under CGMP.

Featured White Papers
Solvent Considerations In Solid-Dose Manufacturing
Solid-dose tablet and capsule manufacturing is a mainstay of the pharmaceutical industry, as it results in a consistent, effective, and economical platform for drug delivery. Read more.
Outsourcing In The Pharma Industry — Experience, Expertise, And Enthusiasm
2012 will be regarded by many commentators as one of the most challenging years in the pharmaceutical industry’s history, due in no small part to numerous products facing patent expirations and increased global competition. Read more.
Handling Potent Compounds Safely
To survive in a highly competitive marketplace, all contract manufacturers must address the reality of potent compound safety. Norwich focuses on manufacturing potent, solid dose products, including fast dissolve and controlled release tablets, and provides a range of analytical services in-house. Read more.
In Vivo Visions: A Look Inside Preclinical Research Using PET, SPECT, And CT
Molecular Imaging is the visualization, characterization, and measurement of biological processes at the molecular and cellular levels in humans and other biologic systems. Read more.
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