Newsletter | March 16, 2020

03.16.20 -- How To Avoid The Headaches Of Pharmaceutical Asset Management

Avoiding The Headaches Of Asset Management In Pharma
Idle pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging equipment costs money to maintain, depreciates in value, takes up valuable footprint space, and incurs insurance costs. Selling that unused equipment can generate significant cost savings opportunities.
Find The Balance Between Cost And Innovation With Equipment
This article provides an overview of the trend of multiproduct and flexible facilities, defining the different types of facilities, and how working with a partner is a strategic move for any company looking to achieve an internal update in the most cost-efficient manner possible.
Meeting The Changing Demands For Sterile Fill/Finish Operations

The increasing complexity of small molecule APIs and the growing diversity of biologics drugs have both contributed to an increase in products targeted for parenteral delivery, which has expanded the demand for aseptic fill/finish operations. Meeting the growing demand for fill/finish services requires specialized expertise, appropriate equipment, and innovations in both emerging technology and business models.

Five Tips To Ensure Faster Equipment Procurement And Installation

As pharmaceutical manufacturers’ equipment budgets continue to rise, demand grows for acquiring equipment that addresses today’s trends. These five tips can ensure that, whether purchasing new or used equipment, the entire procurement process runs as efficiently as possible.

Maximizing ROI Through Equipment Liquidation
When selling equipment — whether to bring your facility up to current requirements, maximize the return from your existing footprint, or liquidate assets when closing or selling a facility — the expertise and resources of a strategic equipment management partner can optimize your resource recovery.
Key Considerations During A Merger Or Acquisition
Mergers and acquisitions have come to define both growth and consolidation in pharmaceutical manufacturing over the last decade. Often, a merger or acquisition is the quickest, most cost-effective way to realize advanced capability without building a facility from the ground up. However, even a successful merger or acquisition of manufacturing facilities creates a range of asset management issues.