Infectious Disease PAPR's

Source: ILC Dover
infectious disease papr

The Sentinel XL® HP is a high performance PAPR system (Powered Air Purifying Respirator) specifically designed to provide healthcare professionals with superior respiratory protection against a range of infectious diseases.

  • Head covers deliver 2.5x protection available with an N-95
  • Full hood delivers 100x protection available with an N-95
  • Available with multiple head cover/full hood options to support your specific protection needs.
  • Easy to use adjustable and cleanable waist belt
  • 3 battery configurations to address your needs
    • Rechargeable NiMH
    • Non-rechargeable Lithium long shelf life cell
    • Unique alkaline battery pack option lets you use standard D cell batteries
  • Easy to attach HEPA and OV/AG/HE filters to support your protection requirements

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