Newsletter | June 30, 2022

06.30.22 -- Insights On Outsourcing Highly Potent API Manufacturing

Outsourcing Highly Potent API: It’s Both What You Know And Who You Know

Discover the challenges for drug makers who may want to begin producing higher potency APIs but have built their manufacturing systems around broad-spectrum medications that don’t use HPAPIs or require high-containment facilities.

Have CDMO Selection Criteria Changed Over The Past Five Years?

ISR shares how CDMO selection criteria have changed over the past five years and links the attributes to Life Science Leader’s CDMO Leadership Awards categories. Biopharma companies can make more informed CMO selection decisions, and contract manufacturers can optimize operational and marketing strategies.

Trends In Bioprocessing CDMO Selection

The process of CDMO selection can be intimidating, even for large companies with big budgets and dedicated staff. Learn which CDMO characteristics experienced outsourcers value most from ISR’s Bioprocessing Market Trends and Outsourcing Dynamics report.

CDMO Outsourcing Models (3rd Ed.)

Use this report to navigate the pros and cons of various outsourcing models, to understand the cost breakdown of a manufacturing project by molecule type and stage of development, and to prepare for potential difficulties and challenges that peer outsourcers have encountered when using contract manufacturers. Gain insight into the service provider selection process, including details on budget, the use of consultants, the timeline for engaging CDMOs, and who is involved in the selection process.