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10.14.21 -- Is A SPAC The Right Option For Your Biotech?

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Understanding Risks Of Biologics And Injectable Combination Products

As the benefits of delivering biologics drugs as part of a combination product platform are realized, this trend toward self-administration will continue to grow. 

CDMO Partnerships Leverage Infrastructure To Drive Biologics Development

Keeping pace with the market dynamics transforming the biologics space requires a focus on innovation and access to the integrated resources necessary to support it. 

CMOs Continue To Exceed Sponsor Expectations

ISR explains how the CMO Leadership Awards and the corresponding market research data can be used to make more informed CMO selection decisions and optimize operational and marketing strategies.

A Small Biotech Benefits From A Blend Of Expertise And Flexibility

Surrozen’s president and CEO, Craig Parker, discusses how the expertise, resources, and flexibility of Lonza have been fundamental in advancing its novel and complex bispecific antibody candidates that target the WNT pathway.

Using Softgel Innovations To Grow Market Share

Innovation drives consumer choice by developing products that provide a pleasant, convenient, and effective experience. This includes Softgel capsules that are a highly versatile dose form.

Science Of Scale For Spray-Dried Intermediates

Significant interest has been focused on the science of scale for spray drying. This paper identifies critical steps that can smooth the development pathway, eliminating scale-up headaches down the road.

Explore Alternative Analytical Methods To Solve Process Challenges

Successful and rapid analytical method development plays a key role in ensuring the development of robust processes to produce high-quality products. 

Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) Production Using Microcarriers

Scientists have successfully adapted an adherent HEK293 cell line to grow in animal component-free and serum-free suspension conditions in shaker flasks.

Paving The Way For Tomorrow’s Medicines

There is a great need for innovative technologies that can improve the success rate for new drug candidates and recent advances in nanoparticle engineering technology are likely to play a role.

Increase Production Efficiencies With Single-Use Transfer Lines

Biopharma is implementing new ways to leverage existing plant infrastructure to enhance process reliability and flexibility, such as single-use systems — particularly single-use transfer lines.

From Research To Commercial: A Seamless Supply Of Oligonucleotides

This white paper discusses how to meet the seamless supply challenge by providing development, scale-up, and synthesis capabilities of research to commercial quantities of customized oligonucleotides.

Mixing Efficiencies For The 2,000 L HyPerforma Single-Use Mixer

In this application note we demonstrate the mixing capabilities of the Thermo Scientific 2,000 L HyPerforma Single-Use Mixer (S.U.M.) for various applications and to determine optimal mixing parameters. 

Risk Mitigation With Pouch Packaging Inspection

A major pharma company could not reliably verify that their pouch packages were sealed properly, and the product could potentially ship with questionable packaging that would fail stability testing.

Container Closure Integrity Testing For Sterile Vial Products In Cold Storage

A vaccine-focused biotechnology company approached LIGHTHOUSE to help investigate a phenomenon observed in liquid vaccine product stored at -80° C.

Solutions To Common Pains In The Clinical And Commercial Phase Of Pharmaceutical Development

Explore some major obstacles faced when bringing a new product to market, including quality issues, market demand, supply constraints, and international manufacturing, and some solutions to address them.

Attracting The Right Capital: Forming Partnerships For Long-Term Success

Experts share their experiences on investing in the cell and gene therapy field and how to form long-term partnerships for companies on the path toward bringing a potentially life-changing therapy to patients.

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