Newsletter | October 7, 2020

10.07.20 -- Key Equipment Sourcing Strategies For CMOs

Key Considerations During A Merger Or Acquisition

Mergers and acquisitions have come to define both growth and consolidation in pharmaceutical manufacturing over the last decade. Often, a merger or acquisition is the quickest, most cost-effective way to realize advanced capability without building a facility from the ground up. However, even a successful merger or acquisition of manufacturing facilities creates a range of asset management issues.

Avoiding The Headaches Of Asset Management In Pharma
Idle pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging equipment costs money to maintain, depreciates in value, takes up valuable footprint space, and incurs insurance costs. Selling that unused equipment can generate significant cost savings opportunities.
Key Equipment Sourcing Strategies For CMOs
Equipment sourcing strategies can be used to effectively reduce costs and risks to outsourced manufacturing for the product owner or sponsor. Toll and contract manufacturers can use equipment sourcing strategies to reduce their capital equipment and infrastructure costs while adding significant value to their clients.
Equipping A Flexible Facility: Find The Balance Between Cost And Innovation

This article provides an overview of the trend of multiproduct and flexible facilities, defining the different types of facilities and how working with a partner is a strategic move for any company looking to achieve an internal update in the most cost-efficient manner possible.

Common Challenges And Solutions Of Equipment Ownership And Use

There are many factors to consider when tasked with acquiring the equipment needed to run a pharmaceutical facility. Being aware of every up-front cost is a must when determining optimal equipment ownership. See how state-of-the-art used equipment can be a great strategy for cost savings for businesses.

Buying Used Pharma Equipment Can Save Time And Money

Consolidations, competition for expensive manufacturing space, and excess capacity have led to an increase in the inventory and availability of second-hand pharma process and packaging equipment.