Liquid Automated Inspection Machines

Source: Bosch Packaging Technology


Automated Inspection Machines for particulates in liquid, fill levels and cosmetic inspection of vials, ampoules, and cartridges.

The AIM 2022/5022/7022 automated inspection machines rotate each container at high speed and then stop it abruptly, putting liquid into motion by inertia. Utilizing SD (static division) technology, light transmitted through the liquid causes any moving particles to cast shadows on high resolution sensors, allowing the system to detect particulates in low- to medium-viscosity liquids.

CCD (Charged Coupled Device) camera-based technology inspects for particulates in high-viscosity liquids and cosmetic container defects.

Over 1000 automated inspection machines operate in more than 50 countries.


  • Low false reject rates
  • Inspection rates to 24,000 containers/hour
  • Self-test and light feedback system for SD sensor
  • Automatic adjustment of DC voltage levels
  • Automatic adjustment of light intensity
  • Employs latest CCD vision technology
  • Built-in oscilloscope function for product set-up
  • Inspects for particulates in high viscosity solutions, improper fill level and cosmetic container defects
  • Produces high-resolution images
  • Acquires up to 24 images per cosmetic inspection