Low Cost Raman Microscope: MicroSense-N

Source: TSI Incorporated


The MicroSense-N system features a Leica DM300 microscope and an EZRaman-N Raman analyzer, the best available lowcost Raman system. The MicroSense-N-785 achieves 50μm spatial resolution with a 40x objective and ~6.5cm-1 spectral resolution with many spectral coverage options to choose from, with both 785nm and 532nm lasers available.

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The system comes with a high resolution CMOS imaging camera to view samples while making measurements. The EZRaman-N unit is also detachable and can be used independently as a laboratory Raman analyzer.

The MicroSense-N is a powerful, versatile, robust and affordable Raman microscopy system. It is an ideal choice for any academic, research, industrial, and all other applications requiring an affordable, high performance Raman Microscope System.

Features and Benefits

  • Best Performance to Cost Ratio
  • 785nm Frequency-Stabilized Laser; 532nm DPSS Laser also available
  • Average Optical Resolution ~ 6.5 cm-1 (785nm laser option)
  • Spectral Coverage: ~ 250-2,350cm-1
  • 50μm Laser Beam Spot Resolution with 40X Objective
  • Dual-Use Detachable Laboratory Raman Unit

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