Market Research Report: Development vs Commercial Outsourced Manufacturing Practices: Small Molecule

Source: ISR Reports

Market Research Report: Development vs Commercial Outsourced Manufacturing Practices: Small Molecule

This market research report uncovers how the decision-making process differs among drug innovators outsourcing development activities from those outsourcing commercial manufacturing when it comes to CMO/CDMO selection criteria, use patterns, preferences and perceived leadership.

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Drug developers can use this report to better understand the differences in CMO engagement and usage patterns based on outsourcing stage and internal capabilities and/or capacity. The report also includes the key differences in CMO selection drivers based on development-stage API manufacturing, commercial API manufacturing, and development-stage drug product manufacturing and commercial drug product manufacturing outsourcing scenarios.

Contract manufacturers can use the report to learn ways to improve sales and marketing strategies to address the needs of specific customer bases by understanding survey respondents’ CMO selection criteria during specific decision-making scenarios. They’ll also learn more about the outsourcing propensity of different buyers of outsourced services in both drug substance and drug product manufacturing. Lastly, they can use it to better understand how CMO awareness, leadership, proposal volume, use, and preference can all vary between outsourcers of drug development-stage or commercial-scale manufacturing for the purpose of targeting specific audiences with the information they need.

Major topics in the market research report include:

  • Outsourcing Philosophies and Practices
  • CMO Perceptions and Interactions
  • CMO Selection Drivers
  • Study Data

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