Mediseal Sachet Machines

Source: Korber Medipak Systems


Decades of experience in the production of sachet packaging machines combines with dosing systems of our own design for demonstrably high dosing accuracies. Mediseal's vertical sachet machines are intended for packaging your high-quality pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

The range of possibilities and output ranges is extensive. Anything is possible with 2 to 16 tracks. GMP-compliant, of course. And an appropriate transfer solution to a sideload cartoning machine is guaranteed.

Our sachet machines are designed to meet the following requirements:

  • For clinical studies and different dosing systems (LA160)
  • As a classic sachet machine, ideal for the cosmetic industry (LA300)
  • As a highly flexible, modular high-output solution for liquid products (LA400)
  • As a high-output solution, ideal for granulates (LA500)