Newsletter | June 24, 2020

06.24.20 -- Meeting The Demand For Facility Design

Looking for help with your Pharmaceutical Facility Design project?

We’ve always been guided by the principle to help, first.


As the global economy was shutting down and all eyes turned toward our industry for vaccine and treatment options, we asked ourselves, “How can we help our readers?” Our Sourcing Centers are one small way we are trying to help, making it easier to find and connect with the partners you need right now. Below, we showcase those partners who can help you with Facility Design.

Facility Design Suppliers
Designing The Cell Therapy Facility Of The Future

In 1931, Swiss doctor Paul Niehans injected a preparation of live cells from a parathyroid gland into a dying patient. The patient subsequently recovered, and Dr. Niehans had a eureka moment — that injections of living cells can have tremendous therapeutic value.

Turnkey Pharma: Kubio Modular Biopharm Facility

GE Healthcare is supplying a full biopharmaceutical processing solution, known as a KUBio, to JHL Biotech in Wuhan, China. The sixty-two completed modules that make up the factory have completed the journey from Germany to China are now assembled at the facility at the Biolake Science Park.

The Case For A Facility Monitoring System

While there are some that choose to install a facility monitoring system just because regulatory guidance states one should be installed and used, many, given the choice, would choose not to.

Proposed vs. Actual Cleanroom Construction Costs And Delivery Timelines

When it comes to facilities or cleanroom infrastructures in the biopharmaceutical or cell/gene therapy industry, not only does management rely on what has been promised, but also the patients. 

Accelerated Commercial Supply With Modular Cleanrooms

Modular cleanroom systems are increasingly chosen over a conventional construction approach due to their accelerated design and installation schedule advantages, as well as their reduced job-site safety risk during installation.