Mini Microcentrifuge - Prism™ LN-C1801

Source: NuAire, Inc.

The user-friendly Prism™ Mini is a reliable, compact, and economical personal microcentrifuge ideal for quick spins that can be used for a wide range of molecular biology protocols. Prism™ Mini works out of the box with a maintenance-free drive system and advanced design providing quiet operation and proper ventilation protecting temperature-sensitive samples. Prism™ Mini includes two (2) quick release interchangeable rotors with a max speed up to 6000 RPM.

  • Self-Opening Lid - The transparent blue lid allows for a clear view of samples in the rotor. Start and Stop of the centrifuge can either be controlled by the On/Off switch or by activating the self-opening lid. By depressing the lid button, the lid automatically opens allowing full access to samples.
  • Quick Release Rotors - The Prism Mini is supplied with two rotors. An 8 place tube rotor accommodates 1.5/2.0ml tubes and a 4 place strip rotor accommodates 4 x 0.2ml tube strips or 32 individual PCR tubes. Each rotor features a quick release design allowing for the rotor changes without the use of tools. Simply snap off and snap on to change between applications.
  • Rapid Braking - The brake system in the Prism™ Mini is controlled electronically. Once the lid opens, it signals the brake to activate so that the rotor will come to a quick and soft stop without disrupting the samples.

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