Multivariate Data Analysis For Dummies

Source: CAMO Software, Inc.

By Brad Swarbrick, CAMO Software

Welcome to Multivariate Data Analysis For Dummies, your guide to the rapidly growing area of data mining and predictive analytics. Multivariate analysis is set to change the mindset of many industries and the way they approach the daunting task of analyzing large sets of data to extract the information they really need.

Multivariate data analysis provides the foundation of some of the buzz phrases being used for data analysis applications, but what exactly is multivariate analysis all about and why is it an essential part of the data analyst’s toolkit? This book is about taking the complexity out of the methodology, introducing the terminology, stating the facts and outlining some examples of how multivariate data analysis is used in industry.

This book attempts to provide a starting point to those who need a better way of getting the most out of their important intellectual property, such as their data. The tools used by multivariate analysis provide true meaning to data mining and predictive analytics. Once you get started, multivariate analysis will open a whole new world and lead you to outcomes you would never have achieved using classical statistical and simple plotting procedures.