News | March 23, 2000

Natoli Engineering Company Overview

Company Description
Carmelo Natoli established Natoli Engineering Company, Inc. in 1973, with the obvious philosophy to supply a quality tool at a fair price with expedited service. That philosophy, along with tremendous determination, has made Natoli a progressive and innovative world leader in the tablet compression tooling industry. This growth has taken place without the aid of a traditional sales force. Our quality, service and price speak for themselves


Natoli Engineering is strategically located in the Missouri Research Park of St. Louis, in the Midwestern United States. The Research Park, which is among the Midwest's most innovative industrial parks, is leased and managed by the University of Missouri. We are only 30 minutes away from St. Louis’s Lambert International Airport.

The administrative and manufacturing facilities are composed of 4 buildings on two campuses.We are fully equipped to meet all telecommunication needs, complete with meeting and training rooms for in-house training programs. Our manufacturing facilities house some of the most advanced metal working equipment available.

Natoli Engineering is a leading world supplier of tablet compression tools. Our knowledge and expertise allows us to play a major role in the industry. We manufacture and inventory tablet press replacement parts and turrets for many different press types. We are confident that you will discover our replacement parts match or exceed original specifications at a fraction of the cost. Our valuable experience and ability to troubleshoot allow us the opportunity to improve upon original equipment designs.

Our innovative commitment to continually offer our customers the newest technological advances in design options holds true with the software options made available to our customers. Natoli Engineering now offers TabletCAD and Tooling Management software to assist in quick, easy tablet design and effective management of tool sets.

Steel and Heat Treatment
Our stringent incoming steel quality control procedures are as strict as most pharmaceutical raw material quality programs. No steel is cut before laboratory analysis, to confirm the quality. This assures confidence that we are providing our customers with tooling made of the finest materials for long-lasting punches and dies. Being aware of the certainty to destroy even the best steel with improper heat treatment, we use the automated vacuum internal quench system for batch-to-batch heat treating consistency. Our facility is considered to be the finest in the industry.

Customer Service
The key to our success is unmatched by any other tool manufacturer in the world. We, at Natoli Engineering, pride ourselves in our ability to meet the toughest requirements and delivery deadlines. Our engineering staff has been noted to be the finest in tablet design troubleshooting, with various cup and engraving designs and a variety of steels to select. With the use if the state-of-the-art Cad/Cam system, we have the opportunity to quickly and accurately produce tablet and tool drawings for our customers' approval and manufacturing use. We can turn the impossible into a difficult, yet attainable challenge.

Natoli Engineering offers complete training programs for our customers in our technical training facility at our headquarters, as well as at locations around the world..

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Our People Make the Difference
Our total quality commitment is easily stated, but remains unmatched. Our customers must feel that they belong to an organization that cares about them, believes in them, and is prepared for the challenges presented by them. Natoli Engineering Company, Inc. is ready to partner with you to prove the benefits of working with an organization that is always prepared to meet your needs.

Natoli Engineering Company, Inc.