News | September 20, 2012

Natoli's Single-Station Benchtop Tablet Press Now Available As Automatic Model

Natoli Engineering Company, Inc. announces the release of the semiautomatic NP-RD10A. Like the previous manually operated version, Natoli's NP-RD10A is a single station, benchtop tablet press ideal for pharmaceutical laboratory research and development when only small samples are available for testing. The NP-RD10A has multi-layering capabilities and permits independent control of both tablet hardness and weight to meet tablet production requirements and specifications. Using this press eliminates the handling of multiple tool parts to compress a single tablet, and when used in laboratory research, significantly helps to maintain tablet uniformity, reduce trial and error, decrease formulation waste, and increase production speed.

The NP-RD10A fits on benchtop areas and is constructed with unique features, including multi-layering capabilities; a 10 U.S./10 Metric capacity; ½" thick Lexan® guards, which serve as safety shields; quick tablet ejector lever easily ejects tablet eliminating the need for disassembly; micro-adjustable depth of fill provides extremely accurate layer weight control; electro-less nickel coated steel construction; CEcertified; utilizes "TSM" or "EU" "B", "D" and "F" standard tool configurations; digital depth of fill gauge optimizes tablet weight consistency; extra deep fill capacity; digital process meter for compression and ejection force display; programmable parameters for compression force control and automatic cycle return; and RS 485 serial communications output.

About Natoli
Established in 1973, Natoli is the world's premier manufacturer and supplier of tablet compression tooling, presses, replacement parts, accessories, software, services and training for the pharmaceutical, nutritional, veterinary, industrial and confectionary industries. Dedication to excellence, combined with steadfast determination, innovative thinking and a commitment to providing the best customer service has propelled them to the forefront of the tablet compression industry.

Source: Natoli Engineering Company, Inc.

Natoli Engineering Company, Inc.