Trends And Challenges In Outsourced Oral Solid Dosage Forms
Combination drugs, ingestible sensors, and targeted delivery are the future of pharma. As drug companies have fewer and fewer new compounds entering their R&D pipelines, outsourcing of development and manufacturing activities for oral solid dosage forms and sterile forms is on the rise.
Collegium Pharmaceutical’s Innovative Approach To Abuse Deterrence

To address the ongoing public health crisis related to opioid abuse, Xtampza® ER, an oral ER abuse-deterrent formulation of oxycodone, has been developed to resist the ability of abusers to tamper with the product and alter the route of administration.

Novel Uses For Oral Solid Doses Driving Lifecycle Management Strategies

With few potential blockbuster drugs in the pharma pipeline right now, drug companies are increasingly looking at other options to meet the needs of patients and increase revenue in the oral solid dosage arena.

What’s The Best Path For Your Low Soluble Molecule?

A tale of two molecules, both designed to treat the same condition, both with solubility challenges. Two biopharma companies racing to be first. Who gets to market first may surprise you.

Drug Development: Strategies And Solutions
Whether your company is built on a single molecule or you're a global pharmaceutical leader, you need fast, cost-effective, and scientifically based insights during early-phase development. Leverage an innovative partner with proven expertise in early development to ensure quick problem solving, speed, and results.