Newsletter | June 29, 2022

06.29.22 -- Optimizing Formulations And Drug Delivery For Novel Therapeutics

Accelerating Novel Therapies To The Market

Pharmaceutical trends today are shifting toward targeted therapies, precision, and personalized medicine for smaller patient populations. These novel therapeutics often require customized delivery solutions, and at the same time “speed-to-clinic” is essential to bringing solutions to critical patients faster. An integrated portfolio of end-to-end services provides a path from development and, small batch manufacturing to commercialization that can save valuable time to clinic.

A New Mindset For Combination Product Development

Biotherapeutics and long-acting injectables pose challenging requirements of large volumes and high viscosities beyond the capabilities of existing drug delivery devices. There is an unmet need for an enabling design for advanced drug delivery solutions. Moving forward, we cannot but anticipate changing mindsets in areas of combination product development focused on an enabling device design for challenging applications toward optimizing delivery, patient-centric interfaces for self-administration to eliminate user errors, and, finally, integrated drug-device development iteration cycles to minimize risks.

Computational Modeling Of Injection-Related Tissue Responses In Drug Delivery

With challenging formulations, complex molecules, large dosages, and new delivery sites, optimizing delivery along with the formulation is the key for successful clinical outcomes. Early user research and computational modeling can provide a means to understand the relationship between tissue response, body morphology, injection force, and needle depth.

Patient Centricity: The Importance Of Human Factors In The Pandemic Era

Discover how patient centricity is at the heart of drug delivery device design and innovation and how the global pandemic has highlighted the importance of patient-centric development in this field. Using patient insights on cognitive and emotional needs, lifestyle, population diversity, technology access, adoption skills, reliability, and sustainability can help add further benefits to the therapy.

Sustainability Considerations For Drug Delivery Device End-To-End Solutions

Providing an end-to-end solution while minimizing the carbon footprint of a drug delivery device requires an analysis of the value chain and trends in patient treatments. Explore how to address the gradual unlinking of economic activity from consumption of finite resources and removal of waste to support sustainability in the pharmaceutical industry.