Newsletter | February 19, 2021

02.19.21 -- Outsourcing Insights: CMO Preferences, Preferred Provider Use, And Improving Relationships

Use Of Preferred Providers Among Biologic Outsourcers

ISR surveyed outsourcers of biologic API and outsourcers of biologic drug product to ask whether their company uses a preferred providers list for outsourced manufacturing. The majority of respondents do, for both large molecule API (59%) and large molecule drug product manufacturing (61%).

Use Of Preferred Providers Among Small Molecule Outsourcers

In Q42019, ISR surveyed outsourcers of small molecule API and small molecule drug products to ask whether they use a preferred provider list of contract manufacturers for outsourced manufacturing. 

Improving Manufacturing Outsourcing Relationships

ISR asked 100 sponsors who outsource manufacturing about several different scenarios that could potentially improve outsourcing relationships. The data here shows how each of the scenarios panned out. A key common element across the most likely scenarios — communication. 

Outsourcers’ CMO Preferences

In Q4, 2019, ISR asked 676 buyers of outsourced manufacturing services about which types of CMOs their organization prefers, large, global CMOs with broad capabilities or Small, niche CMOs with highly specialized capabilities. Respondents’ preference leans towards the big guys. 44% agree-strongly agree that their organization prefers large, global CMOs as compared to 28% who indicate their organization prefers smaller, niche CMOs with specialized capabilities.