Newsletter | July 25, 2020

07.25.20 -- Packaging And Inspection Product Showcase


Pharmaceutical Online’s Product Showcase — your trusted resource for featured equipment and services specific to the pharmaceutical packaging and product inspection space.

Contract Packaging: Tablets, Capsules, Powders, Blisters

With ample available capacity, Ropack Pharma Solutions provides the efficiency of five bottling lines with quick changeovers, online validated fill accuracy, and the flexibility to accommodate everything from small lots to commercial runs for the bottling of tablets, capsules, and powders.

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Ropack Pharma Solutions
Blow-Fill-Seal Packaging Systems For Respiratory / Vaccines

Weiler Engineering’s ASEP-TECH blow/fill/seal machines are ideal for processing temperature-sensitive products such as biological and protein-based materials — providing a level of enhanced sterility assurance.

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Weiler Engineering, Inc.
Seal Inspection Technologies For Tablets & Capsules Packaging

Nondestructive package testing of multicavity blisters — completely tool-less for different blister formats.

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PTI Packaging and Inspection Systems
High Potency API Filled Capsule Inspection System

The HPAPI Capsule Inspection System is designed to provide personnel protection during the inspection of filled capsules containing highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredient (HPAPI) powder. Acrylic viewing panels above the enclosure face provide a continuous, uninterrupted line of sight during inspection processes.

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Flow Sciences Inc.
Container Closure Integrity Testing Solutions

Pfeiffer Vacuum offers a wide range of different leak testing methods to address the multitude of challenges within the pharmaceutical industry, as there is no one solution that fits all the different challenges connected to a specific product.

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Pfeiffer Vacuum Inc.
Modular Pharmaceutical Cleanrooms

AES Clean Technology provides complete pharmaceutical modular cleanroom project delivery with guaranteed performance. Our integrated products + solutions offering provides risk mitigation with single-source responsibility.

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AES Clean Technology, Inc.
T2620 Pharmaceutical Serialization System
A compact, fully integrated system for the marking and verification of pharmaceutical track and trace products.
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Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection
Pharma Serialization With Tamper-Evident Labeling System

TQS-HC-A, equipped with tamper-evident labeling systems on both sides, allows users to serialize the folding boxes, verify the print, seal the insertion flaps with tamper-evident labels, apply vignettes from above, discharge products according to diverse sort rules, and determine the weight during throughput operations.

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Punch Measurement And Inspection

Natoli offers a wide selection of inspection and measurement equipment for tablet compression tooling.

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Natoli Engineering Company, Inc.
ASEPTiCell: Robotic Filling And Closing System (Vaccines, Biologics, Aseptic)

AST’s ASEPTiCell is a flexible fill/finish system that can efficiently process midsize clinical and commercial batches while meeting all cGMP requirements for cleanliness and sterility.

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Automated Systems of Tacoma, Inc.
Used Cremer Bottle Filler With Counter

Used Cremer filling line, consisting of two Cremer type CF-1220*2 counters, 12 lane each with dual bottle filling lanes, with infeed diverter, two Metolift drum lifters, 100kg capacity each, model 2180-00, with system touchscreen controls, filler serial#s 19310.001 and 19310.002, built 2008.

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Federal Equipment Company
Aerotrak 9550 Particle Counter 0.5µm@50 lpm

The TSI AEROTRAK 9550 portable particle counters offer best-in-class features and versatility. The Model 9550 provides a 1.77 CFM (50 L/min) flow with 0.5 µm sensitivity.

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TSI Incorporated
Pharmaceutical Containment Of Powders

Storage of pharmaceutical compounds is a function of the storage process and not a specific containment-driven requirement per se. This is the case whether you are processing in a contained fashion or performing noncontained processing into open kegs with simple drum liners.

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ILC Dover
Oxygen Monitoring Of Sensitive Formulations

The need to monitor headspace oxygen levels in parenteral containers arises from the requirement to ensure the stability and potency of oxygen-sensitive product. LIGHTHOUSE offers complete solutions for (in-process control) oxygen monitoring of oxygen-sensitive formulations, from development to manufacturing and quality control.

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Lighthouse Instruments