Temperature-Sensitive Packaging Qualification

Source: CSafe Global


CSafe is the leading global provider of a full-line of cold chain solutions and we produce one of the largest ranges of temperature-sensitive passive packaging. See our unique passive packaging consultant to find the solution that works for you.

Our combination of packaging components allows for greater flexibility, lower freight costs, greater hold times (from 12 – 240 hours) and our easy design reduces wasted time and costly operator errors.

Reduced costs:

  • Reduced box size and weight for lower shipping costs
  • Lower incoming freight and warehouse storage requirements prior to pack out
  • Highly-efficient insulation design requires fewer coolant packs, reducing associated storage and handling costs
  • Greater hold times – less expensive shipping methods can be used
  • REPAQ® requalification option
  • Designs that ship at lowest cost whether actual or dimensional weight
  • Easy pack-out design reduces wasted time and costly operator errors