Particle Size Spectrometer

Source: TSI Incorporated


TSI’s newest Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer SMPS™ spectrometer is widely used as the standard for measuring airborne particle size distributions. This system is also routinely used to make accurate nanoparticle size measurements of particles suspended in liquids.

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The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) uses a TSI DMA to size 60 nm and 100 nm standard size reference materials. SMPS spectrometer sizing is a discreet technique in which number concentrations are measured directly without assuming the shape of the particle size distribution. The method is independent of the refractive index of the particle or fluid, and has a high degree of absolute sizing accuracy and measurement repeatability. TSI’s Model 3938 is the 3rd generation of SMPS; trusted by researchers for over 30 years.

Features and Benefits

  • High resolution data: up to 167 channels
  • Broad size range: from 2.5 nm to 1,000 nm
  • ISO 15900:2009 compliant
  • Fast measurements: <10 second scans
  • Wide concentration range up 107 particles/cm3
  • Component design for maximum flexibility
  • Touch screen control with no computer needed for operation
  • Easy setup with tool-less installation and auto discovery of components
  • Discreet particle measurement: works well for multi-mode samples
  • Independent of optical properties of the particles and fluid
  • Wide range of system options: choice of water or butanol CPC; choice of traditional or non-radioactive neutralizer

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