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08.02.12 -- Pharma Partnering: Two Views From China

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Pharma Partnering: Two Views From China
By Gail Dutton, contributing editor, Life Science Leader magazine
Partnering locally helps gain acceptance in new regions, but when working in regions that lack a history of pharmaceutical regulation, local partnering can be fraught with peril.
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Outsourcing Q&A
Executive Insights Into The Future Of Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

Executive Insights Into The Future Of Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

A Q&A With Karen King, President, DSM Biologics

One of the things that we were really focusing on is providing technology solutions to the industry that can move it to that next level. Specifically, when we think about biopharmaceutical manufacturing today, we are talking about very expensive installations. Even the more modest facilities could cost $200M to $300M and we have heard all the way up to over a billion to put in an installation to be able to produce commercial quantities. Read more.

Outsourcing Articles

Solving Tech Transfer Challenges For A Complex Biopharmaceutical
By Edwin Hoppenbrouwers, director, new product introduction, Sterile Technologies
Providing solutions for tech transfer projects working with complex products can be challenging to any organization. By providing solutions identified in this case study, Catalent reliably provides better treatments to patients. Read more.

Selecting A CRO For Ocular Drug Development
By Thomas Vihtelic, DVM, Ph.D.
Pharmaceutical and biotech companies developing product for ocular diseases are relying on highly experienced CROs for their ocular drug development studies. Read more.

The New Pfizer Research Strategy: Openness And Collaboration Replace The Old Imperial Model
By Wayne Koberstein, contributing editor, Life Science Leader magazine
Pfizer's new research strategy, headed by Jose-Carlos Gutierrez-Ramos, has a mission to "entrepreneurialize" discovery and development and bring together three main forces in drug research: academia, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals. Read more.

What's The Buzz Around Outsourcing Oncology?
By Kate Hammeke, research manager, Nice Insight
Sponsors are increasing their interests in oncology as a therapeutic focus in their drug development pipelines, according to Nice Insight's pharmaceutical and biotechnology outsourcing survey. Read more.

Featured Outsourcing Capabilities
cGMP Synthesis And Contract Manufacturing Services
The SCYNEXIS process chemistry team offers fully integrated contract research and development solutions — including chemical development, nonGMP and GMP API synthesis, and regulatory and CMC section support. Read more.
Cedarburg Hauser: A Unique And Effective Approach To Project Management
Cedarburg Hauser is inspected by the FDA, DEA, and European agencies regularly, and has filed DMFs and CEPs successfully.  They can handle cGMP manufacturing from grams to hundreds of kilograms. They also offer services in early process development through commercial process validation. Read more.
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