Newsletter | October 14, 2021

10.14.21 -- Pharma Process Equipment: Providers Poised To Meet Demand

5 Key Considerations When Choosing A Single-Use Bioreactor Platform

In deciding which single-use platform to choose, reliability and robustness are fundamental requirements. Beyond process performance, it is important to consider how control systems and automation come into play, how easy it is to implement the platform, and if the design is flexible enough to support varying production volumes.

Particle Size Analyzer: Litesizer 500

The Litesizer 500 is an instrument for characterizing nano- and microparticles in dispersions and solutions. It determines particle size, zeta potential, and molecular mass by measuring dynamic light scattering (DLS), electrophoretic light scattering (ELS), and static light scattering (SLS).

Cleaning Pharm & Biotech Processing Equipment

Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology processing equipment can be made residue-free clean with Alconox Critical Cleaning Detergents. Alconox, Inc. detergents are available worldwide with consistent formulations, certificates of analysis, ingredient toxicity data, shelf life information, residue sampling techniques, ingredients disclosure, analytic methods, lot number tracking, and validation support.

Vaccine Manufacturing: Aseptic Filling Equipment

The right vaccine development machines and filling equipment minimize obstacles to gaining this poduct and process knowledge. To aid the vaccine development process, AST’s vaccine filling machine, GENiSYS®C allows scientists and pharmaceutical companies to differentiate their vaccine product and develop data-driven manufacturing processes in more meaningful and scalable ways.

Vertical Blenders For Manufacturing

Ross V-Blenders are most often used for the intimate dry blending of free flowing solids. The solids being blended in these units can vary in bulk density and in percentage of the total mixture. Materials being blended are constantly being split and intermixed as the shell rotates. Normal cycle times are typically in the range of 15 minutes, however can be less depending on the difficulty of blending.

Pharmaceutical Extruders

The ZSK 18 MEGAlab laboratory extruder is the smallest member of the ZSK family. This targeted and further development of proven ZSK technology extends the performance range of the series for R&D and production.

Freeze Drying Loading And Unloading Systems

Lyophilization processes require quality design and high performance containment systems. Dec also offers automated solutions for loading and unloading freeze-drying systems.

Used MG2 Futura Capsule Filler For Powder And Liquid

One (1) used MG2 MG Futura capsule filler designed for powder and liquid filling with an output range of 6,000 to 48,000 capsules per hour. Unit requires 480 volt electricty.

Containment Equipment For Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Organizations

Contract Development and Manufacturing Organizations (CDMOs) provide a comprehensive, single-source drug development and commercial manufacturing solution that requires unyielding safety and processing standards. We believe that understanding the importance of our client’s process first is the key to a successful partnership.

Depyrogenation Tunnel For Glass Containers: DT

The DT laminar flow depyrogenation tunnels are specially designed for the inline sterilization of the glass pharmaceutical containers.

Plug And Play Flexible Pharmaceutical Isolator

The all-rounder, star of the show. Ready to plug-and-play isolator for various applications in the pharma manufacturing process. Upgrade your existing plant to handle higher potency compounds and adapt to the changing marketplace.