Pharmaceutical High Speed Checkweigher For Capsules: KKE 3800

KKE 3800

The ultra-high-speed output of the KKE 3800 is ideally suited to applications with more than one capsule filling machine, or for batch processing. The checkweigher has an output of up to 232,200 capsules/hour. This meets the requirements of big volume production and time-to-market.

The Syntegon KKE 3800 sets the standard in the capsule weighing field with 100 % accuracy and high output. The integrated cGMP and ASB technology (automatic trouble-shooting) guarantee extremely high productivity and the permanent positive guidance of the capsules guarantees maximum pharmaceutical security. Other highlights include easy accessibility, comprehensive production documentation, and ease of cleaning.


  • Capsule hopper with mechanical pre-dedusting
  • High-precision and reliable weighing process
  • Correct weighing results due to slotted weighing pans
  • ASB function (automatic trouble-shooting)
  • Toolless size changeover in <1 min
  • Calibration with calibration weights <3 minutes
  • Fully automatic zero point adjustment during the process
  • Automated feedback loop to Syntegon GKF capsule fillers

Syntegon Pharma Technology Inc.