Newsletter | October 15, 2021

10.15.21 -- Pharmaceutical Product Inspection Solutions

High Potency API Filled Capsule Inspection System

HPAPI Capsule Inspection System is designed to provide personnel protection during the inspection of filled capsules containing Highly Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (HPAPI) powder. Accommodates space for an analytical weighing balance and capsule inspection bats (paddles). Acrylic viewing panels above enclosure face provide continuous, uninterrupted line of sight during inspection processes.

Pharmaceutical Vision Inspection System For Syringes: A&V GS

The A&V GS automatic inspection machines are designed for particles and cosmetic inspection of pre-filled syringes. The versatility of these machines allows to inspect water-like and viscous products.

Oxygen Monitoring Of Sensitive Formulations

The need to monitor headspace oxygen levels in parenteral containers arises from the requirement to ensure the stability and potency of oxygen-sensitive product. LIGHTHOUSE offers complete solutions for (in-process control) oxygen monitoring of oxygen-senstive formulations, from Development to Manufacturing and Quality Control. 

Metal Detection Systems For Pharmaceutical Oral Solid Dose Manufacturing Operations

METTLER TOLEDO Safeline pharmaceutical metal detector systems are designed to offer maximum flexibility in process areas. A compact footprint enables systems to be inserted into areas where space is restricted. Robust, low profile, fully rotating castors provide ease of mobility, enabling the system to be used in multiple locations. Flexibility is further enhanced by the ability of the metal detection head to be adjusted easily (without the need for tools) in all three axes to suit any configuration.

Pharmaceutical Tablet And Tooling Microscope Inspection

Natoli's new pharmaceutical digital inspection microscope is a powerful, user-friendly inspection tool capable of capturing photos and video, recording measurements, and visually inspecting tablets and tooling.

FDA Registered Detergents From Alconox Inc.

All Alconox Inc. detergents are Class I Medical Devices and listed as FDA registered detergents. The list of the detergents are found on the FDA website with FDA Registration number 2410887.

Lab Scale High Voltage Leak Testing System For Glass Vials And Blow Fill Seal (BFS): HDT-2

The HDT-2 Pinhole Inspector for sampling and inspection of glass and BFS vials offers non-destructive leak testing.

Cleanroom Particle Counter: Iso-Air® Pro-Plus

A compact, user-friendly variable channel remote particle counter. Designed for minimum downtime and multiple option flexibility.

Pharmaceutical Mass Extraction Vacuum Leak Testing Equipment For Vials And IV Bags

Our USP <1207> and ASTM (F-3287-17) recognized Mass Extraction Technology works on the principle of rarefied gas flow. Testing takes place in vacuum conditions to attain higher sensitivity. This patented technology type of testing is particularly suitable for pharmaceutical packaging such as IV-bags, pouches or glass vials. Larger defect and defects as small as 1 μm can be detected with this method. 

OptiPac: Non-Destructive Blister Package Leak Detection System

Blister packaging is a type of packaging format specially designed for tablets and capsules made by heating and shaping a plastic sheet into the 'blister,' which is entirely covering the object, into a bubble or a pocket. Several types of plastic materials like Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), Polyethylene terephthalate (PET), Amorphous polyethylene terephthalate (APET), High-density polyethylene (HDPE), etc. and aluminum sheets or foils are used in blister packaging.

Used IMA High-Speed Capsule Checkweigher

Used IMA capsule checkweigher, model Precisa 120, designed to handle hard gelatine capsules, rated up to 120,000 capsules/hour, capsule size range from 40 mg to 2000 mg, +/- 2 mg accuracy, change parts for 00,0,1,2,3,4 and Supro B with vacuum pump, serial# PA1009, built 1997.

Checkweigher For Tablets And Capsules

The HC-A-MI is the perfect automated system for continuous and accurate weighing of ultra-lightweightparts (for example, stick packs) in the milligram range. Product infeed is product-specific and individually managed.