Pharmaceutical Roller Compactor: PP 150 C

Source: Alexanderwerk, Inc.

Pharmaceutical Roller Compactor: PP 150 C

Compaction and granulation machine for the chemical industry.
The Alexanderwerk PP 150 C is especially designed as a machine which meets the highest requirements and standards of the chemical industry. As the smallest Alexanderwerk model for the chemical sector it provides a roller diameter of 150 mm and a roller width of 75 mm. With a throughput up to 400 kg/h the PP 150 C can be used in a test center, for the research and development as well as for the production.

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Through the double sided bearing of the rollers and a robust construction a maximum pressure force of 30kN/cm can be assured. Moreover, previously determined process parameters can easily be scaled up to larger production machines of the Alexanderwerk PP and WP machine series. Because of its modular design, great flexibility as well as adaptability to different granule sizes is guaranteed. The basic machine, consisting of feed system and compaction rollers, can be provided either without a crushing step, with a single rotor fine granulator RFG 150 DS or with two rotor fine granulators RFG 150 DS. If required, a later upgrade is possible at any time.

To ensure a compact design, the control system, control cabinet including hydraulics, vacuum pump, cooling water and air distribution system as well as the interface are all integrated into the machine.

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