Newsletter | November 16, 2020

11.16.20 -- Pharmaceutical Supply Chains At The Forefront Of Innovation And Technology

Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Adjustments To Outlast COVID-19

While the pandemic has had a massive impact on human health, it renewed our sense of purpose and presented an opportunity to leverage changes already underway so we can better serve patients. Read how it helped improve the supply chain industry for the better.

First-Of-Its-Kind Digital Platform To Provide Clients With Real-Time Supply Chain Data And Analytics

The pci | bridge launch is part of a larger three-year corporate digital transformation strategy that will give customers immediate visibility into their clinical and commercial supply chain and provide instantaneous data and insights to inform decision-making. The platform makes real-time information readily accessible to clients, including inventory, production, distribution, and shipping data, presented in organized, customizable formats.

Virtual Site Audits Should Be The New Standard

COVID-19 presented some unique challenges as we had to adjust to doing business in a virtual/digital world because of the "new normal." Yet, the pandemic also gave us an opportunity to be innovative problem solvers. To keep lifesaving drug launches on track we had to start doing virtual site audits for the first time — and discovered an excellent business model in the process.

The Power Of Digital Transformation

The pharmaceutical contract services supply chain is not traditionally a sector where technology is a first mover. Approximately 18 months ago, however, PCI Pharma Services determined that there were sufficient proof points in the industry indicating that it should incorporate digital transformation as core to its business strategy.