Freeze Dryer

Freeze Dryer - Designed for ease of scale-up, Hy-Pro and Lyo-Pro freeze dryer models are unmatched for capabilities and performance...
Designed for ease of scale-up, Hy-Pro and Lyo-Pro models are unmatched for capabilities and performance.

All Hy-Pro and Lyo-Pro freeze dryers come standard in an open frame design configuration to ease access to components and simplify routine maintenance.

Designed for pilot and light-production scale lyophilization, for both bulk and vial processing, these units come with an extensive list of powerful options. All models in this series are designed and built to Hull Company's proven quality standards.

Hull's new series of Freeze Dryers are supported by documentation that sets the standard for our industry. With every Hull Company product we guarantee you consistent performance, reproducible drying cycles, simple installation, and complete product support.

Our meticulous documentation coupled with our consistenly reproducible high level of performance will ease and shorten your scale-up and validation efforts.

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