Quality, Capacity And Job Security In A CMO Industry Merger -- Part 2 Of Our Interview With CEO Of Newly Formed DPx Holdings B.V.

By Louis Garguilo, Chief Editor, Outsourced Pharma
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This spring Jim Mullen became CEO of DPx Holdings B.V., formed in a $2.65 billion transaction combining JLL Partners’ assets Patheon and Banner Life Sciences, with Royal DSM’s Pharmaceuticals business. In an interview with Outsourced Pharma, Mullen discusses three key components in a merger: quality, capacity and job security.

With a merger nearing completion and the integration plans underway, Mullen says you have to start with the fundamental ABCs of business. “There are three fundamental questions to get to day one: Do you have the right financial controls? Can you reliably continue to pay your suppliers? Can you receive cash and can you make payroll?

“It gets down to the real basics: food, heat, and lights. If those three things work, you can start to power through all other considerations and details.”