Newsletter | November 3, 2020

11.03.20 -- Reducing Timelines From Gene To IND

Achieving Speed-To-Market Using The Optimal Program For Your Drug Candidate

Small pharma companies are making major breakthroughs in patient treatment, yet they still face considerable challenges in developing their candidates from discovery to commercial phase. With a variety of gene-to-IND programs on the market, it is important you carefully assess which program matches your technical expectations as well as your risk adversity profile.

A Q&A With The Experts: Reducing Timelines From Gene To IND

Being first to market has always been a top goal for companies in the biopharmaceutical industry. Yet, moving too quickly can open your drug development program to other risks, making it critical to achieve the optimal program profile for a seamless transition from gene to IND and beyond. Here Drs. Abdelaziz Toumi and Atul Mohindra address questions about de-risking and accelerating the path toward commercialization.

Gene To IND In 12 Months Without Increased Risk

Going from discovery to first-in-human studies as fast as possible is a clear objective for most biotech companies and accelerating timelines has always been a focus for the biopharmaceutical industry. Financial pressures, competition, and current global healthcare events are driving the emphasis to move as quickly as possible into the clinic. Learn how to achieve speed while minimizing risk.