Article | January 5, 2010

Poster: Release Modifying Potential Of EUDRAGIT® RS, RL And EUDRAGIT® NE 30 D In Multi-Particulate Systems

Source: Evonik Röhm GmbH

Although multi-unit systems are more complicated to formulate and manufacture, they provide many advantages over single-unit modified release systems. Few of the advantages offered by multi-particulate dosage forms are:

  • lower intra and inter individual variability in plasma levels
  • lower tendency for local irritation as the drug is more widely distributed in the GI tract

The objective of this study was to demonstrate versatility of EUDRAGIT® NE, RS and RL as matrix forming agents in multi-particulate applications. Theophylline and acetaminophen were selected as model API for the study owing to their moderate to high solubility in water.