Newsletter | September 23, 2022

09.23.22 -- Risk Appetite And Risk Tolerance In Pharma And Med Devices

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A New Era In Measuring Flow And Shear Properties Of Pharma Powders

Advancements in ring shear cell testing equipment have shortened the process of ensuring the usability of pharmaceutical powders and offer the ability to test more quickly and accurately.

Overcome Oral Drug Solubility Challenges With Functional Polymers

Review the basics of solubility enhancement and the formulation and manufacture of products that enhance solubility and common questions on the topic.

A Guide To Writing Effective SOPs In Life Sciences

We share some SOP guidelines that can help you build and manage documents that are easily accessible, relevant, and something your team can consistently rely upon.

Vanderbilt Moves Toward A Paperless Cell Therapy Process

The future of cell therapy systems is here, so learn the importance of patience when implementing a paperless system today.

Effects Of X-Ray Inspection On Pharmaceutical Products

Some manufacturers still have reservations about adopting X-ray inspection as a safe method of product inspection. This white paper examines the potential effects of X-ray inspection on pharma products.

Critical Cleaning For 3D Printing In The Life Sciences

This paper focuses on the critical cleaning of hard surfaces utilized in 3D printing processes across industries, such as extruded plastics, photosensitive substrates, metals, and metal alloys.

Three Metrics To Track The Efficiency Of Your Life Sciences Space

While technology and digitization will continue to evolve, here are three insightful metrics that track the efficiency and productivity of your life sciences space.

Intro To Product Inspection And Tracking For The Cannabis Industry

As the cannabis market grows, so do tracking requirements. Look at some of the cannabis hardware and software packaging solutions that provide increased profitability and reporting accuracy.

How To Use QbD Software To Improve An Existing Identification Method

What can you do when the identification method defined by the USP monograph does not provide clear guidance? The authors decided to improve the method with a quality by design (QbD) approach.

Balancing Cost Efficiencies In The Drug Development Process

Cost efficiencies and expertise again go hand in hand, with companies often outsourcing or partnering primarily to gain access to manufacturing know-how.

Improve Productivity In CHO Cells With Efficient-Pro Medium And Feeds

We compare the performance of Efficient-Pro medium and feeds using CHO-K1, CHO-S, and DG44 cells to another supplier’s commercially available basal medium and two-part feed.

Efficient Particle Size Reduction, Mixing, And Homogenization Steps For OSD Manufacturing

Assay of products such as suspensions and tablet coatings is a critical part of the QA process. In some cases, every batch of each product has to be tested, requiring 100% repeatability of results.

Mapping 7 Emerging Pharma Development Risks

With complex molecules come unexpected risks that may threaten your plan’s resilience. Identify key risks in drug development and clinical services — and build a plan to overcome them.

Strategies For De-Risking Early-Phase Oral Small Molecule Drug Development

A team of experts discuss risk-reduction strategies, critical formulation considerations, and careful technology selection to stretch the often limited quantities of API available for early studies.

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