News | March 11, 2013

Ross SLIM System With Agitated Recirculation Tank


For high-volume solid-liquid mixing requirements, Ross offers specially engineered powder induction systems coupled to an agitated recirculation tank. The Solids/Liquid Injection Manifold (SLIM) Technology is based on a modified rotor/stator mixer designed to generate a powerful vacuum, the motive force for injecting powders directly into a fast-moving liquid stream under high shear conditions.

Shown is a Ross Model HSM-405SC-25 SLIM Mixer which is 3A-approved and bears the symbol of certification. The four-blade rotor turns at a maximum speed of 3,600 rpm within a slotted stator head, simultaneously pumping liquid and drawing solids from the 2-cu.ft. feed hopper. A butterfly valve is supplied on the hopper for modulating rate of induction.

The mixer is driven by a 25 HP explosion-proof motor and equipped with a double mechanical seal. Installed on a vertical riser, the barrier fluid system for the seal includes a pressure vessel with sight glass and internal cooling coil. The mixer easily disassembles through the use of heavy-duty wing nuts.

The mixture exiting the SLIM rotor/stator returns to the 2000-gallon vessel through a 2” recirculation line. Two top-entering agitators keep the product uniformly suspended and heated within the tank: a 40 HP two-wing anchor and a 125 HP high speed disperser. Teflon scrapers are attached to the anchor agitator for wiping the dished-shaped bottom and sidewall surfaces of the jacketed vessel. Rotary spray nozzles installed on the vessel cover allow for easy cleaning in place. A Double Axis Control System in a NEMA 12 enclosure is supplied for independent variable speed control of each agitator.

Source: Charles Ross and Son Company