Case Study

"Safety First" In The Distribution Of Valuable Life Science Products

Source: CSafe Global
CSafe Global

Remember the predictions of how email, video conferencing and the other now commonplace means of communication, would erode the need for so much air travel? I also remember how airlines created various loyalty programs targeted at maintaining their share of the business traveler market as promises of reduced travel for employees was just on the horizon. OK, so how well did you do in reducing your travel?

If you’re like me, you will know the value of face-to-face communication and how it can be the real difference between securing that deal and letting your competitor get the win. For most of us in the business world, air travel remains a fundamental part of our lives and so I pay my fare and get that next red-eye to wherever. But in doing so, there is one thing that I have always just taken for granted – that whoever I am flying with will always put my personal safety above anything else.